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Hand Arthritis | A Two Part Series

Feb25th 2021

Part 1: Simple Ways to Manage Your Pain! Hand Arthritis | What to Look For Are the joints of your hands stiff and achy? Do you notice any swelling at these joints? Do the joints of your hand sometimes feel warm to touch? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have

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Feb20th 2021

Discover if that Pain in Your Back is a Herniated Disc Today

Could Your Back Pain be Caused by a Herniated Disc? Find out with Physical Therapy Strange neck pains, back pains, or extremity symptoms can indicate a variety of potential problems – including one or more herniated discs. How do you know whether you have a herniated disc or it’s just good old back pain? One

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knee pre-hab Feb15th 2021

Knee Prehab and How It Can Help You Find Relief Faster!

What is prehab? Prehab are exercises and treatment that is done before surgery. The focus of the treatment is on improving strength and range of motion to increase outcomes both before and after surgery. When should I start doing prehab? It is never too early to start doing prehab! It takes a few weeks of

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Feb10th 2021

Painful Hips and Knees Can Hinder Daily Life – Find Relief Today

Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Hip and Knee Pains? If you’re living with hip and/or knee pain, you are not alone. There are so many causes of hip and knee pain, from excess weight to sports injuries, advancing age to repetitive motion injuries. Whatever the cause of your hip and/or knee pain,

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posture Jan30th 2021

Do These Exercises Everyday to Improve Your Posture!

Why is My Posture Important? Do you find yourself hunched over in front of a screen for long periods of time? Do you notice that you lean over a countertop or workstation for multiple hours a day? Do you notice that you slump forward when driving long distances? You’re not alone! Most people don’t realize

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ITB syndrome Jan25th 2021

What Is ITB Syndrome and How Can You Relieve The Symptoms?

What is ITB Syndrome? Your ITB (or IT band, or Iliotibial band), is a thick band of fibers that runs on the outside of your leg from your hip to your knee. With overuse, this band can become tight and cause pain on the outside of the knee, the hip, or anywhere between. Risk Factors

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