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hip and knee pain Nov27th 2020

Common Questions Regarding Hip/Knee Pain

What is a meniscus? The meniscus in your knee helps to provide cushion at the joint where the two bones meet. The meniscus can be torn with forceful twisting or rotation. This may result in pain, stiffness, swelling, or clicking of the knee. Sometimes, people will have surgery to repair the meniscus, but often, physical

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neck pain relief Nov25th 2020

A Step-by-Step Guide on Neck Stretches for Neck Pain Relief!

Suffering from neck pain or a stiff neck? Most of us have had to deal with the annoying discomfort or tightness in our necks after spending a long day hunched over your computer screen or poor sleep. In fact, a widely cited study published in the European Spine Journal notes that the prevalence of neck

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opioid consumption Nov20th 2020

Reduce Opioid Consumption and Feel Better with Physical Therapy

Long-term opioid consumption is not a good strategy for managing chronic pain. In addition to the risk of addiction, opioids simply alleviate the symptoms (pain) of a larger problem. For very real, measurable improvement over chronic pain, physical therapy has been proven to be a much better option than opioids or other pharmaceutical painkillers. If

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shoulder pain Nov18th 2020

Common Questions Regarding Shoulder Pain

What is the rotator cuff? The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that main role is to help keep the humerus (the bone of the arm) connected to the shoulder joint. These muscles are important as they help provide support to the shoulder joint. These muscles can be injured with overuse injury or

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bicep pain Nov15th 2020

Biceps Pain

Are you experiencing weakness or pain throughout your biceps? Your biceps are a big and powerful muscle located in your upper arm that assist with elbow flexion, forearm supination, and shoulder flexion. When these muscles are damaged – it is common to experience pain and weakness with elbow motion. Why do I have biceps pain?

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aches and pains Nov10th 2020

Aches and Pains in the Morning? Find Out What Might Be Causing Them.

A Troubleshooting Guide to Morning Aches and Pains Do you leap out of bed excited at the thought of experiencing another morning — or do you just lie there, afraid to move because of the pain you’re likely to feel? Aches and pains are never welcome, but they can really dash your spirits when they

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