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knee pre-hab Feb15th 2021

Knee Prehab and How It Can Help You Find Relief Faster!

What is prehab? Prehab are exercises and treatment that is done before surgery. The focus of the treatment is on improving strength and range of motion to increase outcomes both before and after surgery. When should I start doing prehab? It is never too early to start doing prehab! It takes a few weeks of

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ITB syndrome Jan25th 2021

What Is ITB Syndrome and How Can You Relieve The Symptoms?

What is ITB Syndrome? Your ITB (or IT band, or Iliotibial band), is a thick band of fibers that runs on the outside of your leg from your hip to your knee. With overuse, this band can become tight and cause pain on the outside of the knee, the hip, or anywhere between. Risk Factors

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hand pain Jan20th 2021

The TOP FIVE Most Common Causes of Hand Pain!

What ProTailored Physical Therapy Can Do For You Why does my hand hurt?! We are continuously using our hands throughout the day – so it’s no surprise that injuries from overuse may occur. Believe it or not, the hand is comprised of 27 bones and over 30 muscles! With injury to any structures of the

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rotator cuff Jan15th 2021

Strengthen Your Rotator Cuff at Home!

What is a Rotator Cuff? Your “Rotator Cuff” is comprised of 4 muscles – the infraspinatus, the supraspinatus, the subscapularis, and the teres minor. These muscles promote great shoulder mobility but are also crucial for shoulder stability. The Rotator Cuff muscles are responsible for holding the head of the arm bone (the humerus) soundly into

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frozen shoulder Jan10th 2021

What Is Frozen Shoulder and How Can You Find Relief?

What is Frozen Shoulder?! Frozen shoulder, or Adhesive Capsulitis, occurs when the structures of the shoulder joint become stiff and rigid – greatly impeding one’s range of motion and causing pain. Frozen shoulder is a progressive diagnosis that begins gradually with painful movements and progresses, limiting mobility as the capsule within the shoulder thickens and

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neck pains Jan5th 2021

Suffering from Neck Aches and Pains? Start doing these stretches and exercises TODAY!

Why do the Muscles Around My Neck Ache? Numerous factors could be contributing to your neck pain! Your neck pain could be caused by tight/taught musculature, stiff joints/malalignment of the cervical spine, or in many cases – both! To best understand the underlying causes of your neck pain, we suggest that you pop on in

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