Misconceptions about PT

Physical therapy is painful We seek to decrease your pain, soreness, cramping, pinching, and burning sensations. Although certain treatment methods may not be comfortable, we

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Laser Focus

ProTailored Physical Therapy is proud to provide the highest level of pain relief with the LightForce™ EXPi Deep Tissue Therapy Laser. Laser Therapy is a

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One-on-one Care

Have you seen a physical therapy clinic advertise one-on-one care only to nd out the therapist treating you was also treating someone else during your

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Headache Help

Did you know that ProTailored Physical Therapy can help reduce and even eliminate your headaches and migraines? In fact, Jon’s wife, Vanessa, had suggested changing

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Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is a frequently seen condition in physical therapy.  Despite being widely known as tennis elbow, most cases are due to mechanical stress to

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