Redefining Physical Therapy

Nov6th 2019

“Am I in the right place? Where’s the gym? Where are the physical therapy assistants and techs?” These thoughts raced through Dr. Jon Evan’s head as he entered the physical therapy clinic he had been hired to work at overseas in Dubai. He quickly found that this physical therapy practice didn’t run the same as traditional physical therapy clinics found in the United States where large gyms are filled with patients mainly performing exercises and receiving treatment in open gyms. In the US, he was used to working with patients, sometimes two or three at a time, for just part of their treatment before passing them to an assistant or technician to complete treatment.

As you can imagine, the next few weeks in Dubai served as a crash course for Dr. Evans; he had to learn how to provide a different type of physical therapy than what he had been exposed to in the States. He became skilled at using the only tool available to him-his hands. He learned how to treat patients in a private room where he cared for just one patient at a time for the full treatment session without dividing their appointment between assistants and techs. He discovered different treatment philosophies and techniques taught to him by his colleagues from New Zealand, South Africa, and England.

After witnessing the higher quality of care and positive results his patients were experiencing under this type of highly focused and in-depth treatment model, Dr. Evans knew he couldn’t revert back to traditional PT. After moving back home to Indiana in 2015, he and his wife, Vanessa Evans, opened ProTailored Physical Therapy to provide an alternative to traditional physical therapy. And patients are noticing the ProTailored Difference. Over the last two years, ProTailored has grown over 400% and has been recognized as Fort Wayne’s Best Physical Therapy clinic in Readers’ Choice two years running.

Today, ProTailored Physical Therapy is made of a team and family of like-minded caregivers who believe and see the difference in the depth of care they are able to provide through this non-traditional model. Dr. Jon continues to personally train each incoming orthopedic therapist for several months, passing along the manual skills and techniques he learned while overseas.

From Dr. Hall’s encouragement, Dr. England’s constant pursuit of further knowledge, and Dr. Allman’s grit and bubbly personality to the welcoming and professional office team of Connie, Morgan, Kendall, Lisa, Michelle, Jenni, Laura, and Nick, each team members’ unique qualities have formed ProTailored into what it is today. For more information contact us today!

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