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Aug21st 2019

Did you know that ProTailored Physical Therapy can help reduce and even eliminate your headaches and migraines? In fact, Jon’s wife, Vanessa, had suggested changing the name from “ProTailored” to “The Headache Clinic” after seeing many patients find significant relief from their headaches/migraines through the treatment provided at ProTailored. From clinical experience, more than 90% of patients coming through our office with headaches get greater than 50% reduction in their headaches, with many being completely eliminated. 

Causes of Headaches Physical therapy may not seem like the natural “go-to” line of defense when searching for headache relief, but considering most headaches (whether sinus congestion, sleep deprivation, dehydration, poor posture, food allergy, trauma, etc) are caused by two of the main areas physical therapists treat-muscle knots and joint stiffness-it’s not surprising that physical therapy treatment is highly effective in resolving headache issues. Dr. Travell, an MD who has done extensive research in the referral patterns of muscle knots, confirms a large contributor to headaches is knotted in the neck that refers pain into the head and/or faces (2). 

In addition, neck joint stiffness leads to muscle guarding in the muscles. These all create a “snowball effect” and produce the perfect storm for ongoing headaches that won’t fully resolve with Aleve or Ibuprofen. Treatment Options Headaches are the number one reason for taking over the counter pain medicine(1). 

However, research shows that medication alone is often ineffective and provides only minor relief for recurring headaches (3,4). Joint mobilization, massage, dry needling, shoulder strengthening and postural education prove to be the most beneficial for long term relief(5). This combination of treatment is not a temporary fix, and you will be equipped at the end of treatment to maintain the plan of care independently.  

How ProTailored Physical Therapy Can Help ProTailored specializes in the following treatment techniques that help reduce and eliminate headaches: – Massage/Myofascial Release – Scraping/ IASTM – Dry Needling (learn more at www.ProTailored.com) – Joint Manipulation and Mobilization – Shoulder and Neck Exercises for Stretching and Strengthening – Postural and Ergonomic Education – Dietary Modification – One-on-one treatment by a physical therapist for 40 minute sessions. 

No assistants are used. Patient Testimonial “ProTailored Physical Therapy has saved my life! I have suffered from horrible migraine headaches for many years, have taken all kinds of drugs to prevent or alleviate my migraines, and nothing got rid of my migraines until I started seeing Jon and having dry needling done. I was a little hesitant at first when a friend recommended the procedure, but I now have a normal life back and have stopped taking preventative medications and I no longer live on pain killers. I have had only one migraine in the past two months since I started the dry needling procedure, and I used to have them almost daily.” For more information contact us today!

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