4 Easy At-Home Exercises For Hip Pain

4 Easy At-Home Exercises For Hip Pain May3rd 2021

Hip pain can cause serious troubles in your life. A healthy, happy person can go from being out and about to lying in bed all day. It is estimated that about 19.2% people aged 65 and above experience frequent hip pain. It is also common for young adults to suffer from hip pain due to an internal injury, which usually occurs from playing sports.

If you are suffering from hip pain, I am going to help you learn a quick way to fix it at home. My name is Dr. Jon Evans from ProTailored Physical Therapy in Fort Wayne, Indiana. To find out what exercises are best suited for relief of hip pain, continue reading below!

Exercise #1: Loosening Your Hip Muscles:

  • Sit on a chair with the troubled leg crossed over the other leg.
  • Use your elbow or forearm to put pressure on your knee.
  • Oscillate your leg back and forth.

Repeat this process at least 30 times, divided into 3 sets. If you feel a pull on the back of your hip area, that means you are doing the exercise right.

Exercise #2: Most Recommended Exercise:

  • Place your impacted leg on to a countertop, (it can be your kitchen’s counter, dining table, or even the side of your couch)
  • Lean over your leg.
  • Hold this form for 30 seconds.

Do this at least 3 times in a row, and while you are doing this, you should feel a good pull in the back of your hip. This exercise should cause no pain!

Exercise #3: Thigh Stretch:

Phase 1:

  • Place your leg on the butt rest of a chair & stand upright.
  • Puff your chest out.
  • Lean back into this position.

While doing this, you should feel a nice pull in your thigh. Cramping is also normal during this exercise.

Phase 2: 

If phase 1 did not feel like it did enough for you, you may also try this method.

  • Place your foot on the backrest of your chair.
  • Puff your chest out.
  • Move your hips forward.
  • Lean into this position a bit more than phase 1. 

Hold this form for 30 seconds and do it up to 3 times. This exercise may make you cramp up, but with time the cramps should disappear.

Exercise #4: Tri-planar Hamstring Stretch:

Part 1:

  • Place your foot on the wedge of a chair.
  • Wedge your heel all the way into the chair.
  • Lean forward with both hands, and do small, and timed bobs in the direction of your toe.
  • Perform this 30 times!

Part 2:

  • After the above, relax.
  • Then bring your arms across your chest.
  • Start rotating your body, left to right.
  • Stretch out the rotation as much as you can.

Part 3:

  • Raise your hands up over your head.
  • Rotate them left to right, as much as you can. 
  • Do this at least 30 times.

After performing all the 3 parts, stand up & walk around to see how you feel!

Follow through with these exercises strictly, to see promising results. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment at ProTailored Physical Therapy in Fort Wayne, Indiana, you can call us at (260) 739-0300 or schedule an appointment via our website.

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