Nerve Mobilization Fort Wayne, IN

Nerve Mobilization

What is Nerve Mobilization?

Nerve mobilization Fort Wayne, IN

Nerve mobilization is a physical therapy used to find pain that is caused by the compression of certain nerves in the body. Sciatica is a common condition that forms as a result of compression on the sciatic nerve. Side effects of compression include nerve spasms and painful tissue inflammation.

Often, patients suffering from nerve compression will experience tingling or burning sensations in their feet, neck, or back. Nerve mobilization can help pinpoint the source of your pain and treat your symptoms. To learn more, contact ProTailored Physical Therapy today.

How Can Nerve Mobilization Help?

According to the  Richard Lebert RMT website, “Non-pharmacological therapeutic interventions are being embraced by the medical community because they are simple to carry out, economical, and have relatively minor side effects.” Nerve mobilization is one of those interventions, and is a great alternative to expensive surgery or medication.

Nerve mobilization treatment is performed by applying light pressure directly on a compressed nerve to move it through the nerve sheath, using techniques called “flossing” and “gliding.” These techniques help locate the source of the pain, and restore the balance of the nervous system. Nerve mobilization is also a common form of therapy for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and various musculoskeletal disorders.

Is This Treatment Right For You?

Our bodies aren’t capable of working out tight areas of tissue on their own, so nerve pain rarely disappears without treatment. Prescription medication offers a temporary fix but ultimately will not get rid of the pain. When nerve pain goes untreated, symptoms worsen over time. This is why it’s important to consult a physical therapist for treatment options as soon as possible. If you think nerve mobilization may benefit you, contact ProTailored Physical Therapy today. We can get you scheduled for a consultation with one of our licensed Fort Wayne, IN physical therapists, and get you on track to living a pain-free life.