We Are Moving

The time has come for us to leave our first home at Watersong Business Park and move on to bigger things…like 3 times bigger! We have grown faster than anticipated (in fact, we grew over 300% last year) and have been in need of a new space to grow into for some time. If you have been in to see us recently, you will have noticed we are using every inch of available space-even setting up pop-up offices in the storage closet! Thanks for your understanding and patience during this time of growth.

We are thankful to have found a new home just a few miles down the road at the intersection of Union Chapel and Tonkel Rd that allows us to expand from 1500 sq ft to over 5000 sq ft! This means bigger treatment spaces, a larger gym, and additional rooms like a nursing/ relaxation room. From designing the floor plan to picking out paint colors and flooring, our hope is that this space will be a welcoming, positive, and calming atmosphere for all.

New Location:
12722 Tonkel Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46845

“We will be moving to our new location in June. Feel free to stop by and say hi even if you
don’t have an appointment. We’d love to see you!”

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