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I am so grateful for the care I received at ProTailored Physical Therapy. Dr. Jonathan Evans is wonderful and the office administrator Mandy is so sweet and kind. I had been struggling with back and neck pain for 5 years. I was having trouble lifting and doing everyday tasks at work. After two weeks of meeting with Dr. Evans my back feels so much better. I’m not having trouble with my back anymore. I highly recommend ProTailored. Thank you Jonathan!!! God bless you!
Angela R.
Dr. Evans is incredible. At the suggestion of my family doctor I came to Protailored for my first dry needling session a week ago. I have had migraines and severe muscle tension for most of my adult life and after one treatment the improvement has been significant. Dr. Evans personality is perfect for these painful yet helpful sessions also. It took a year of convincing for me to finally give dry needle a try…but I’m a lifer now 🙂
Jess S.
My experience at ProTailored Physical Therapy was SUPERIOR!! Dr. Evans is very competent. He addressed issues regarding my body that had never been addressed before using many varied techniques. He was very good about giving me exercises both stretching and strengthening to do at home for long term functioning. He was very kind and compassionate. Amazingly, he was always on time! He has a great sense of humor and was very encouraging. His entire staff was most kind and helpful. I would recommend him and have recommended him to several people already. GO TO PROTAILORED PHYSICAL THERAPY TO GET THE HELP THAT YOU NEED!! IT IS WELL WORTH IT, AND YOU WILL BE PLEASED!!
Ann F.
ProTailored Physical Therapy was an incredibly helpful experience. Their staff was warm, inviting, and effective. They were able to effectively treat my tendonitis in an extremely short time period. I highly recommend ProTailored as they gave me the hope and confidence necessary to resume a normal life.
Sam L.
Dr. Jon Evans took me in when no other physical therapy businesses would because of my difficult insurance. I was lucky to find such an amazing place that provided me with a unique experience. The environment is welcoming and very one on one. I’ve gone to him two hip surgeries in a row and would recommend him to anyone else.
I have been to many traditional PT facilities around Ft Wayne for various sports injuries over the years. I was recommended to ProTailored by my primary care physician last year when I was experiencing IT Band Syndrome. It was later in the year and I had big concerns that I would compete in a Marathon in January that I had been training for all year. That is when I met Dr. Jon Evans. His ability to listen, assess the situation, provide treatment and training guidance had a lot to do with my recovery in 6 weeks. Jon has a lot of skills; however, his encouragement and ability to point out areas of improvement when recovery was going slower than I wanted (I am impatient) made all the difference in the world with me running the Marathon. I returned to Jon this year after a long bout with Plantar Fasciitis. I chose treatment from Jon over recommended surgeries, and once again Jon was able to get me back on my feet running in a short period of time. I would encourage anyone that is serious about getting ailing symptoms resolved in a professional environment to give ProTailored a try.
Mark J.
Mona Doolittle ProTailored Physical Therapy has saved my life! I have suffered with horrible migraine headaches for many years, have taken all kinds of drugs to prevent or alleviate my migraines, and nothing got rid of my migraines until I started seeing Jon and having dry needling done. I was little hesitant at first when a friend recommended the procedure, but I now have a normal life back and have stopped taking preventative medications and I no longer live on pain killers. I have had only one migraine in the past two months since I started the dry needling procedure, and I used to have them almost daily. THANK YOU JON!
Mona D.
Expect excellent, thorough, and knowledgeable service when you visit Jonathan Evans at ProTailored Physical Therapy. After trying a number of other treatment providers, I was fortuitously referred to Jonathan by another physical therapist (who was not in my insurance network). His clinical skills are as extensive as his interpersonal communication abilities.
Vicki B.
My name is Steve Wilson, and I have been a letter carrier for 30 years. I was diagnosed with trigger finger in 2014, and I had surgery on two (2) of my fingers. The surgery was unsuccessful, and I had more pain, discomfort and loss of dexterity with my hand and fingers after the surgery. I was told that another surgery would be necessary. I decided against another surgery and wanted to try chiropractic and other methods which provided me only temporary relief. My chiropractor recommended that I see Jon Evans at ProTailored Physical Therapy. I went to Jon, and he diagnosed the problem immediately, and suggested a procedure called dry needling. After only a few sessions with Jon, I have had much improvement. I have less pain, more dexterity and range of motion with my hand and fingers. ProTailored Physical Therapy is a personal, oneonone treatment center. I am grateful to Jon and his wife Vanessa for the care, concern and treatment that they have provided me.
Steve W.
An amazing staff couldn’t ask for a more professional staff & experience. I have had 2 teen sons go through therapy and/or in therapy currently. Jon & the staff are amazing each step of the way. I’ve never had a therapist personally call to follow up after surgery and in constant contact before & after the surgery with the surgeon. If you are in need of PT, this is the place to be.
Nicky N.
I was referred to ProTailored Physical Therapy after I had shoulder surgery. It was one of the best experiences!! Dr Jon diagnosed me with “frozen shoulder” and within the first 2 visits I was feeling better! He knows his stuff and takes time to work with you one on one!! If I’m ever in need of physical therapy again. I will definitely call Dr Jon & Vanessa at ProTailored Physical Therapy!!
Am G.
Absolutely the best service at ProTailored Physical Therapy. My care has been effective for me. I would not hesitate to recommend this wonderful group to all of my friends and co-workers. Dr. Evans and Dr. Cagnet are fantastic!
Shelly S.
ProTailored is an amazing place that is geared toward personalization of each patient’s needs. From the front desk to the therapists, they make you feel like home.
Leanne G.
Excellent!!! I had given up ever being free from the shooting, electric shock type pain I was having from a pinched nerve in my back. When the pain doctor I was seeing for epidurals told me I was at the limit for the year and suggested I see PT I was sure it wouldn’t help either, but I have been most pleasantly surprised!! Adam is very good at his craft and takes the time to listen, and if what we were doing wasn’t working, tried something else. Didn’t just go in and repeat the same exercises he gave me to do at home. He used his expertise to find the problem and alleviate my pain. Everyone in the office is very friendly and helpful. Can’t say enough good things about Adam and the care I have received
Darcy B.
The care I receive at ProTailored Physical Therapy is unmatched to any other. The staff is caring, gentle, and compassionate. My ease of movement has increased 90% in the 4 weeks I have been going. I love how procedures are explained and how positive everyone is! I can honestly say that my quality of life and my outlook on the world has improved greatly as well, as my pain levels have decreased. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!
Brandy L.
Jon asks many questions to identify the source of the problem and provides focused, individualized treatment to address the cause of the pain, not just the symptoms. My chronic hip pain was relieved within two days of dry needling treatment, and Jon recommended great strengthening and stretching exercises to keep pain from recurring. I highly recommend seeing Jon instead of prolonged use of pain medications, joint injections, or surgery!
Dr. Evans’s treatment techniques are phenomenal! I was training for a 10k and had been battling hip pain and extremely tight muscles for over a year. He was quick to provide an indepth diagnosis and developed my personal plan of treatment. In less than a month which included a dry needling session my hip pain and muscle tightness were gone! Dr. Evans and Vanessa are friendly, professional and are very knowledgeable of physical therapy and its diversity of treatments and on providing the best health care services! Thank you!
Connie M.
I want to thank Dr. Jon Evans and the entire wonderful staff of ProTailored Physical Therapy for the literally life changing treatment I just completed. My chronic (50+ years) battle with headaches and back pain was improved from my very first treatment. The exercises and stretches were extremely valuable as well but the treatments are what tamed my pain and allowed me to do them. As my treatment wrapped up I realized I had not taken pain meds of any kind for the entire month of the therapy, possibly for the first time since I was a child? No, I didn’t take medications when I was pregnant but I also remember sitting on an exam table sobbing about a headache that had already lasted for 17 days, then I had to give up a beloved job in Emergency Medicine because I couldn’t do the work and stand the pain. So thank you Dr. Jon and the ProTailored staff, what a spectacular gift you have given me!!
Nancy W.
I highly recommend ProTailored Physical Therapy. My Family Practice physician referred me to Dr. Evans for neck and shoulder pain due to lingering muscle tightness exacerbated by an exercise injury. My experience with Dr. Evans was very different from other physical therapies that I have received in the past. I appreciated his approach of spending oneonone time working on my injury while I was in the office combined with at home exercises and techniques to reduce my tightness and pain. I saw results quickly and have continued to use his recommended stretches to maintain the progress that I made. I especially appreciated that Dr. Evans only recommended the minimal amount of visits in order to correct my issue and then gave me the tools to maintain my results at home. Also, he and his wife run a very friendly and professional office, which was enjoyable to visit.
Lindsey K.
Jon and Adam have been the most caring, compassionate, and supportive therapists I’ve ever had. I have had so much pain for so long and they have given me pain reduction and a better quality of life. The staff Vanessa, Kim, and Mandy are amazing….always greeting all with a smile, working hard to give the needed date and time. Pro Tailored is absolutely the best place to receive any and all types of therapy. Definitely the place to come. At least 5 star rating.
Delores L.
Amazing Place! I was having horrible headaches and after receiving state of the art and cutting edge treatment my migraines have all but disappeared. This place cares about you deeply and is not just interested in making money. Whether you have headaches, a bad back or just had shoulder surgery, this is the best place in Fort Wayne and surrounding area!
Caleb E.
I’ve been battling an ankle injury for years and I finally feel like I’ve got an answer, and more importantly, clear understanding of how to heal and stay healthy. A professional establishment with a friendly atmosphere. A great resource for when you need PT. After having severely limiting shoulder pain for several weeks, Dr. Jon treated me by physical manipulation. He then recommended specific, personalized exercises to relieve the pain and strengthen the muscle area. It’s been months now, and the pain never returned.
Eric H.
Jon Evans is very knowledgeable and keeps up with the up and coming technology. He puts time into getting to know his patients and you can tell that he cares. I would highly recommend him.
Trippie P.
Dr. Adam was great! Very specific and educational instructions on how to recover and strengthen myself from low back surgery. My therapy was, as expected, “Professionally Tailored” to my needs and goals. I am much more confident in getting back to my everyday activities as well as running. Scheduling was easy, front desk was super nice and accommodating. I would recommend them to anyone needing help recovering from whatever their injury is.
Benjamin L.
I have been extremely pleased with the treatment I have received at ProTailored Physical Therapy. Everyone is very friendly and geared towards your recovery, even if it is difficult. They are skilled in billing and insurance making the process less stress.
Mary W.
Dr. Evans is personable, kind, compassionate, caring, and an artist in his craft. It is rare to find a doctor that truly takes their time to listen and thoroughly investigate your issues to help you achieve healing. When I first came in with stiffness, joint pain and subluxations in my hips, knees, and ankles, I couldn’t kneel or squat at all. I can now kneel on the floor to play games with my children and actually get back up! The dry needling and adhesion scraping was carefully done and explained as performed. I continually leave the office feeling better than when I arrived, partly due to the expertise, and partly due to the amazing positivity of the staff. Your circumstances can change just in how you look at them, and that positivity just spills over in the thoughts, words and actions of these people! I can’t thank Dr. Evans enough for being patient and understanding through my emotional ride through healing. I would recommend the services of ProTailored Physical Therapy to anyone that is looking to get their life back with less pain, more mobility, and positivity!
Brandy L.
I suffer from chronic headaches/migraines. I have done everything, and I mean everything, and nothing has even remotely helped until I started seeing Dr. Evans. I have had a dramatic improvement in both the frequency of headaches and severity. If you’re like me and have tried everything with little or no success you definitely need to setup an appointment to see him. It will be well worth your time. Dr. Evans is very professional and well trained in his field. And most importantly he is committed to doing everything he can to help. Highly recommend.
Russ F.
After trying to resolve pain in my jaw, neck, and shoulders unsuccessfully for over 8 months, I was referred to Dr. Jon for dry needling. At my first appointment, I had many knots in my muscles, couldn’t turn or bend my neck without pinching/straining and pain, and did not have full range of motion. He did a very thorough assessment and explained everything in detail. He is very knowledgeable and interested in getting to the underlying cause. After only 4 appointments, my pain disappeared, I had full range of motion, and was equipped with beneficial exercises to maintain my progress. The office atmosphere is relaxed and genuine. I have a lot of respect for a doctor that tells me he doesn’t need to see me anymore once results are achieved, versus continuing to schedule me to make a profit. It was very apparent he had my best interest in mind before his own. I will definitely use ProTailored for any future physical therapy needs and highly recommend this office to others.
Anna O.
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