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Steve W.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

May28th 2020

I have been a letter carrier for 30 years.  I was diagnosed with trigger finger in 2014, and I had surgery on two (2) of my fingers.  The surgery was unsuccessful, and I had more pain, discomfort and loss of dexterity with my hand and fingers after the surgery.  I was told that another surgery would be necessary.  I decided against another surgery and wanted to try chiropractic and other methods which provided me only temporary relief.  My chiropractor recommended that I see the physical therapists at ProTailored Physical Therapy.  I went to ProTailored, and he diagnosed the problem immediately and suggested a procedure called dry needling.  After only a few sessions, I have had much improvement.  I have less pain, more dexterity and range of motion with my hand and fingers.  ProTailored Physical Therapy is a personal, one-on-one treatment center.  I am grateful for the care, concern and treatment that they have provided me.