Voted Fort Wayne’s Best Physical Therapy Clinic

Mark J.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

May28th 2020

I have been to many traditional PT facilities around Ft Wayne for various sports injuries over the years. I was recommended to ProTailored by my primary care physician last year when I was experiencing IT Band Syndrome. It was later in the year and I had big concerns that I would compete in a Marathon in January that I had been training for all year. That is when I met the physical therapist. His ability to listen, assess the situation, provide treatment and training guidance had a lot to do with my recovery in 6 weeks. The physical therapists has a lot of skills, however his encouragement and ability to point out area’s of improvement when recovery was going slower than I wanted (I am impatient) made all the difference in the world with me running the Marathon. I returned to ProTailored this year after a long bout with Plantar Fascitis, I chose treatment from ProTailored over recommended surgeries, and once again the physical therapist was able to get me back on my feet running in a short period of time. I would encourage anyone that is serious about getting ailing symptoms resolved in a professional environment, give ProTailored a try.