Voted Fort Wayne’s Best Physical Therapy Clinic

Lisa M.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

May28th 2020

I have been in a position to have needed physical therapy three different times within the last 15 years. Two of those times were post-surgery from having a torn meniscus in each knee. I went to a well known Physical Therapy practice that was rather impersonal. I didn’t have any individualized one-on-one care, and spent the majority of my time doing exercises on my own without any Physical Therapist explaining my course of treatment or helping me understand the value of what I was doing. The third time I sought Physical Therapy was because of neck and shoulder pain I was experiencing. This time, I was under the care of Nicole Bobay for Physical Therapy. Nicole has an extraordinary way of educating her patients about their current condition and the factors that have contributed to their given issue. She sets attainable goals with her patients and helps them understand the reasoning behind what they are doing. As a former patient of Nicole’s and a current employee of ProTailored, I can attest to the fact that it is this individualized care and desire to educate each patient that sets ProTailored apart from other PT practices.  It is the goal and purpose of every physical therapist at ProTailored to establish a personalized plan of care for each of their patients and give them the tools and education they will need in order to be successful. Physical Therapy is not just their profession, it is their passion. I am tremendously thankful to get to work along side such an incredible group of people.