Voted Fort Wayne’s Best Physical Therapy Clinic

Emily G.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

May28th 2020

After having two car accidents, 2 children, and spending a few years in grad school hunched over books and computers, my back, shoulders and neck were in poor shape. I had seen chiropractors, and taken medication, but the relief was only temporary. I was at a breaking point when I couldn’t even give my young children a bath because leaning over the bathtub had me in so much pain I would cry.

I decided to visit ProTailored for physical therapy treatments. He was very professional, and spent a lot of time really learning about my situation. I never felt rushed, I felt like he really cared about my personal story and my pain. He did several stretches and diagnostics to see exactly what was bothering me. I really felt like he took the information from my injury, and his assessment of my condition to formulate a specific and personal plan just for me.

I immediately noticed a difference after my first session. Through a series of stretches and exercises, I was getting the results I wanted. The physical therapist always explained what he was doing, and why he was doing it. He helped me understand my body, and the science behind the therapy, which was really cool. I felt confident in his plan because he was so knowledgeable. He gave me some exercises to do at home to help my recovery. I feel that he was very honest about my treatment plan, never pushy, or making me return if it wasn’t necessary.

I would highly recommend, they really helped me with managing my back, neck and shoulder. I still continue to do several of the exercises the physical therapist showed me, and continue to get results.