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Shoulder Pain Relief

Lindsey K.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

I highly recommend ProTailored Physical Therapy. My Family Practice physician referred me to ProTailored for neck and shoulder pain due to lingering muscle tightness exacerbated by an exercise injury. My experience with ProTailored was very different from other physical therapies that I have received in the past. I appreciated their approach of spending one-on-one time working on my injury while I was in the office combined with at-home exercises and techniques to reduce my tightness and pain. I saw results quickly and have continued to use their recommended stretches to maintain the progress that I made

Lisa M.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

I have been in a position to have needed physical therapy three different times within the last 15 years. Two of those times were post-surgery from having a torn meniscus in each knee. I went to a well known Physical Therapy practice that was rather impersonal. I didn't have any individualized one-on-one care, and spent the majority of my time doing exercises on my own without any Physical Therapist explaining my course of treatment or helping me understand the value of what I was doing. The third time I sought Physical Therapy was because of neck and shoulder pain I was experiencing. This time, I was under the care of ProTailored Physical Therapy. They have an extraordinary way of educating their patients about their current condition and the factors that have contributed to their given issue. They set attainable goals and helps them understand the reasoning behind what they are doing. Physical Therapy is not just their profession, it is their passion. I am tremendously thankful to get to work along side such an incredible group of people.

Caleb E.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

Amazing Place! I was having horrible headaches and after receiving state of the art and cutting edge treatment my migraines have all but disappeared. This place cares about you deeply and is not just interested in making money. Whether you have headaches, a bad back or just had shoulder surgery, this is the best place in Fort Wayne and surrounding area!

Emily G.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

After having two car accidents, 2 children, and spending a few years in grad school hunched over books and computers, my back, shoulders and neck were in poor shape. I decided to visit ProTailored for physical therapy treatments. He was very professional, and spent a lot of time really learning about my situation. I never felt rushed, I felt like he really cared about my personal story and my pain.

Sherri G.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

Over the years I have had physical therapy for several conditions, NEVER have I had to anyone near as effective. He works with one patient at a time. My headaches are much better.

Kay Z.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

I love that you are treated individually in a private room!

Brooke K.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

What ProTailored does for our community is unprecedented and certainly sets the bar for other physical therapy clinics. ProTailored provides...

Move Your Arms Freely Once Again with Shoulder Pain Relief

Rid Yourself of Shoulder Pains the Easy Way – With PT Treatment

shoulder pain relief Fort Wayne, IN

There are numerous reasons why you may be experiencing shoulder pain, and the severity can range from the temporary discomfort of a pulled muscle to the agonizing bone-on-bone friction of arthritis.

Shoulder pain can take many forms – it can show up when you’re reaching toward the top shelf to put dishes away or when you’re struggling to find a comfortable position to sleep. It can show up as a result of an injury, making you feel a dull aching pain, or even make you feel as if your shoulder is immobile.

Whatever the case may be, ProTailored Physical Therapy is dedicated to offering you natural pain management modalities that can give relief to your shoulder pain quickly.

How will physical therapy help my shoulder pain?

Physical therapy is a natural, easy, and comfortable way to find relief for shoulder pain, without the need for harmful drugs or invasive surgery. The physical therapists at ProTailored Physical Therapy have treated a number of conditions resulting in shoulder pain, with patients finding improvement and relief after just a few short sessions – and sometimes less!

Our Fort Wayne, IN physical therapists are movement experts, trained to pinpoint the cause of your pain through a variety of diagnostic techniques. During your evaluation, we will examine your range of motion, strength, coordination, your medical history, joint mobility, and mechanics of your joint motion.

shoulder pain relief Fort Wayne, IN

Once we have established the cause of your shoulder pain, we can create a specialized combination of physical therapy methods to manage and relieve your pain. Gentle manual therapy helps to restore normal joint movement, ease soft tissue restrictions, and promote circulation, while specific therapeutic exercises restore strength, and the correct sequence of muscle activation around the shoulder joint. Finally, we teach you techniques to enhance your strength and to prevent the recurrence of future shoulder problems.

Common causes for shoulder pain

The complexities of the shoulder joint present many opportunities for pain-causing conditions. Some of the most common causes of shoulder pain include:

Rotator cuff tear

The rotator cuff is composed of 4 muscles, tendons, and soft tissue that surround the shoulder joint. The job of the rotator cuff is to correctly guide the movement of the shoulder joint. With injury, overuse, poor posture, or even age, the rotator cuff can be partially or completely torn. Depending on the severity and situation, sometimes surgery is needed, but often the correct physical therapy treatments can help reduce pain and restore strength to the rotator cuff to compensate for the partial tear. If surgery is needed, physical therapy is an integral part of the pre and post-surgical rehabilitation for a full recovery.

Frozen shoulder

Also known as “adhesive capsulitis,” frozen shoulder can occur if your arm has been in a cast or sling for a while, or if you have been bedridden for an extended period of time. It results in a painful loss of motion in the shoulder with a tightening of the shoulder joint that severely limits motion. There are some ethnicities that are more predisposed, and women tend to have more instances than men. Frozen shoulder is more common in women in the 40-60 years of age.


Tendinitis occurs when the shoulder joint is excessively overused typically due to the demands of a laborious job, overhead activity, or sport. Furthermore, poor posture is a major contributor, as this alters the normal forces on the tendons, and can set you up for tendon injury. This causes the tendons to undergo ongoing inflammation, resulting in swelling and painful impingement when raising your arm.


The two main forms of arthritis that affect the shoulder are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage in the shoulder joint experiences significant “wear and tear,” typically due to age or excessive overuse. Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the immune system decides to attack the membranes surrounding the shoulder joint, resulting in pain and inflammation. Both of these result in pain, loss of motion, weakness to the shoulder muscles, and difficulty performing normal, daily tasks.


Impingement typically occurs because of abnormal movement and tracking of the humeral head as you lift your arm overhead. Pain typically starts when lifting your arm at or above 90 degrees.

The most common shoulder injury – rotator cuff tear

Your rotator cuff is comprised of the muscles and tendons surrounding your shoulder joint. Sometimes, the rotator cuff can become torn or injured, due to repetitive overhead motions like those performed in sports like tennis or certain jobs like carpentry. If you are experiencing a rotator cuff injury or “torn shoulder”, you will generally feel a dull ache deep in your shoulder, arm weakness, difficulty reaching behind your backs, and disturbed sleep due to pain. At ProTailored Physical Therapy, our natural and non-invasive methods can help relieve your shoulder pain and heal your rotator cuff injury.

While rotator cuff injuries sometimes require surgery if they are severe enough, there are several cases where physical therapy treatments can work just as well (if not better) than surgery. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, “A recent study from Finland asserts that when it comes to the treatment of nontraumatic rotator cuff tears, physical therapy alone

produces results equal to those produced by arthroscopic surgery and open surgical repair.” In this same study, a follow-up on 167 patients receiving physical therapy alone for their rotator cuff injuries, demonstrated that conservative treatment, such as physical therapy, should be considered as the primary treatment for this condition.

At ProTailored Physical Therapy, we will conduct a physical evaluation and diagnostic tests to determine if you do indeed have a rotator cuff tear, and we will design a personalized treatment plan based on the needs of your diagnosis which will entail assessing and treating poor joint mechanics and tight tissues through hands-on techniques like dry needling, cupping, massage and joint mobilization to provide quick pain relief and get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Why did my shoulder pain develop?

Your shoulder is capable of accomplishing many physical feats. It also has the greatest range of motion compared to all the joints in your body. However, with its complexities also comes the increased possibility of injury that causes shoulder pain and discomfort. As a “ball-and-socket” joint, the head of the upper arm bone, or “humerus,” fits perfectly in the corresponding space within the shoulder blade or “scapula.” Fortunately, the ends of the humerus are protected by a thick layer of cartilage, protecting the bones from rubbing together.

Fluid-filled sacs called “bursae” also protect the tendons from rubbing against the bones. Tendons attach the bones in the shoulder to a set of bones, known as the rotator cuff. If something goes wrong with the intricacies that make up the mechanical interplay of the shoulder, pain can result.

The type of pain you feel in your shoulder can vary, depending on what is causing it. Pain from impingement, for example, typically occurs as you raise your arm up, and begins at a certain point in the range of motion. Pain resulting from a degenerated shoulder may create persistent aches every time you move your arm in certain directions. Acute injuries can result in sudden and intense pains that make it impossible for you to move your shoulder at all.

shoulder pain relief Fort Wayne, IN

Relieve your pains today!

Don’t let your shoulder pain limit your physical abilities any longer! Our Fort Wayne, IN physical therapy practice will get you the help you need to start living your normal life once again. Contact ProTailored Physical Therapy today to schedule your appointment and get started on your path toward pain relief.