Pre/Postnatal Pain Relief Fort Wayne, IN

Pre/Postnatal Pain Relief

Make Your Pregnancy, Delivery, and Postpartum Recovery as Smooth as Possible with Physical Therapy!

At ProTailored Physical Therapy, we integrate techniques like massage therapy to help make your pregnancy and delivery process as smooth as possible.

With pregnancy, the body experiences many changes, including postural adjustments, increased load on the pelvic floor, and stretching and thickening of the ligaments. Changes such as these can cause back pain and pelvic floor issues. Muscle weakness may also lead to urinary incontinence and difficulty activating core muscles.

Though these are some of the more unpleasant parts of pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal treatments can help your body better prepare for the journey ahead. If you are an expectant mom or one who recently gave birth, don’t hesitate to contact ProTailored Physical Therapy and call our Fort Wayne physical therapy office today at 260-739-0300! We’ll help make your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery as easy for you as possible.

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diastasis recti relief Fort Wayne, IN

During the delivery process, you may need to undergo a procedure that might result in a scar, such as a c-section or an episiotomy. These can cause restrictions in the myofascial system of the body. Our Fort Wayne, IN physical therapy practice uses specific myofascial and scar-release techniques to eliminate these restrictions and prevent your myofascial system from being further compromised.

Some women might also suffer from diastasis recti, also known as abdominal separation. Diastasis recti can interfere with the strengthening of the abdomen muscles and cause the belly to “pooch.” Our therapists use the latest evidence-based clinical knowledge in the field to identify and treat this condition, even before your delivery.

Common Questions Regarding Pre/Post-Natal Pain:

Why do my hips and my lower back seem to be so painful?

There is a hormone called Relaxin that is released by the ovaries and the placenta that peaks in production two weeks prior to ovulation and stays elevated for the first trimester of pregnancy. It’s effects on the body cause loosening of some of the connective tissues in the body to allow room for the baby to be delivered, most notably the ligaments and joints in your hips. Your sacroiliac joint (SI joint) is a common place for pregnant mothers to feel pain, especially due to Relaxin and the movement that needs to occur for the baby’s entrance into the world!

I have been dealing with neck pain and migraines this pregnancy, can PT  help?

Absolutely! We have treated mothers with neck pain/migraines in the past. For more information regarding neck pain, see our “Neck Pain” page under the “What We Treat” tab.

I’ve been having shooting pain down the back of one of my legs, can I be helped?

The pain you are experiencing could be what’s called Sciatica, where there are pain signals in the path of your sciatic nerve (coming from the lower back and going down the whole backside of your leg). We use a number of different techniques to help with this type of pain, and one of our Physical Therapists would love to see you in our Fort Wayne, IN office!

I’m up on my feet a lot, is there anything that I can do differently to reduce my pain with activity?

Certainly! We’ve advised numerous mothers to purchase a Serola Belt to help give your back, hips, and belly more support. We have a Product Recommendation page under our “Patient Info” tab, and you can purchase one right from the page (sizing recommendations are listed as well).

Is it safe for me to come to PT and exercise while I’m pregnant?

Absolutely! Based on numerous research sources, exercise is great for both mother and baby. As long as you’re not significantly increasing your exercise intensity (in comparison to before your pregnancy started), aerobic exercise and light resistance training are more than “okay.” Same goes for physical therapy. Your physical therapist will work with you with total respect to you and your baby, and we encourage you to call our office if you have any specific questions!

Physical therapy can help you get your body back!

ProTailored Physical Therapy can help mothers deal with pre and postnatal pains as their bodies experience the effects of pregnancy and childbirth.  Our Fort Wayne, IN physical therapists will also help in addressing any problems that may arise during this exciting time.

By including physical therapy in your prenatal and postnatal care, you can be better prepared for one of the biggest challenges in your life: delivering and caring for a baby. You don’t need to suffer before or after delivery. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll create a plan to help you along with your pregnancy.