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Karen L.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

I went to 3 other PT for severe hand pain and thumb immobility 3 years ago and ProTailored was the only fix for me. I did not have to work with a PT asst for any of my appt time.

Russ F.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

I suffer from chronic headaches/migraines. I have done everything and I mean everything and nothing has even remotely helped until I started seeing ProTailored. I have had a dramatic improvement in both the frequency of headaches and severity.

Morgan W.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

ProTailored has helped with both knee pain and migraine I was suffering with. They, as well as the entire staff, truly care for the staff and have really helped me out. I am lucky enough to work in the front office with the best people I could ask for. ProTailored is the only choice for PT!

Kendall Y.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

ProTailored is the best Physical Therapy clinic in the area!! I am an employee and a current patient at ProTailored. Everyone in the office treats each other like family and genuinely care about the well being of their patients and coworkers.

Sophie Z.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

The staff is so great and welcoming at ProTailored! The care is one on one, very professional, and attentive. I've had migraines for years now and this is the first thing that I feel like has helped! My migraines have been greatly reduced if not completely prevented and through a non-medicated way.

Jess S.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate ·

At the suggestion of my family doctor, I came to Protailored for my first dry needling session a week ago. I have had migraines and severe muscle tension for most of my adult life and after one treatment the improvement has been significant. The physical therapist's personality is perfect for these painful yet helpful sessions also. It took a year of convincing for me to finally give dry needle a try…but I'm a lifer now.

Caleb E.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

Best place in Fort Wayne! They have all the modalities to help you be a better you. Took away my headaches! They care about you! You’re not just another patient!

Caleb E.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

Amazing Place! I was having horrible headaches and after receiving state of the art and cutting edge treatment my migraines have all but disappeared. This place cares about you deeply and is not just interested in making money. Whether you have headaches, a bad back or just had shoulder surgery, this is the best place in Fort Wayne and surrounding area!

Mona D.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

ProTailored Physical Therapy has saved my life! I have suffered with horrible migraine headaches for many years, have taken all kinds of drugs to prevent or alleviate my migraines, and nothing got rid of my migraines. I was a little hesitant at first when a friend recommended the procedure [dry needling], but I now have a normal life back and have stopped taking preventative medications and I no longer live on painkillers. I have had only one migraine in the past two months since I started the dry needling procedure, and I used to have them almost daily.

Anthony A.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

After about 2 years of chronic insomnia and chronic headaches that were affecting my personal and professional life due to increased muscle tension build up in my neck and shoulders on my right side, it quite literally took one session of dry needling and cupping to turn my life around (again).

Nancy W.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

I want to thank the entire wonderful staff of ProTailored Physical Therapy for the literally life changing treatment I just completed. My chronic (50+ years) battle with headaches and back pain was improved from my very first treatment. As my treatment wrapped up I realized I had not taken pain meds of any kind for the entire month of the therapy, possibly for the first time since I was a child?

Relieve Those Pounding Headaches with Physical Therapy

headache relief Fort Wayne, IN

Physical therapy isn’t normally someone’s first thought when they have a headache – most of the time, the common reaction is to take some form of pain-relieving medication. This may help to relieve pain in the short-term, but if you are constantly suffering from headaches or migraines, pain relief drugs will not provide you with the same long-term effects that physical therapy will.

A greater majority of headaches are attributed to cervicogenic headaches, meaning that they are related to the neck in some form. Poor posture, stress, and other factors can contribute to weakness, strain, and injury to the neck muscles and joints. This pain radiates up into the scalp, side of the head, and even the forehead, depending on the area of the neck involved.

If you are in Fort Wayne, IN, and suffer from headaches, you are not alone. Approximately 80-90% of people across the U.S. endure occasional or frequent tension headaches. They are also the third most commonly reported source of pain across the world! Whether they are acute and temporary or constant and chronic (such as migraines), headaches can all be treated with physical therapy at ProTailored Physical Therapy. Request your appointment today!

How can physical therapy help my headache?

If you are suffering from headaches, contact our Fort Wayne, IN physical therapy office today. At ProTailored Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to providing you with the best treatments for your headaches.

At your initial appointment, one of our highly trained physical therapists will conduct a physical evaluation and ask you questions about your health history and symptoms, in order to determine what type of headache you are experiencing and where the pain is stemming from.

A tailored treatment plan will then be designed specifically for you and your recovery.

What type of headache am I experiencing?

Many people may not know this, but there are actually different types of headaches that all develop from different causes. The three main types of headaches include:

Cervicogenic headaches

Cervicogenic headaches are related to neck pain, involving the top three vertebrae of the neck. These headaches can develop as a result of certain conditions, such as a concussion or arthritis, but work-related strain can also trigger a cervicogenic headache. Professions that require a down-turned motion of the head or neck are the most prone for developing cervicogenic headaches. This may include hairdressers, long-haul drivers, chefs, nail artists, jewelers, etc.

Musculoskeletal headache

Musculoskeletal headaches occur when there are significant amounts of tension in the neck. This is typically a result of physical imbalances, weaknesses, or damage, although emotional tension (such as stress) can also be a contributing factor. A traumatic injury to the neck, such as whiplash, is a common cause of musculoskeletal headaches. With neck injuries such as whiplash, the muscles and connective tissues in the neck can become torn or strained. This can lead to agonizing pain felt in the head, as well as in the face, shoulders, or neck.

Tension headaches

The most common form of headaches are known as tension headaches. These can occur due to repetitive motions or poor posture in the neck/head. Tension headaches are caused by a strain on the “dura mater,” which is a sensitive membrane that envelops the brain. The dura mater lies in close proximity to small muscles at the base of the skull that go into spasm when the dura mater becomes strained, thus sending pain signals to the brain and causing your headache.

How can I get started on relieving my headaches?

headache relief Fort Wayne, IN

At ProTailored Physical Therapy, our treatments for headaches focus on relieving pain, releasing tight tissue (via massage, cupping and dry needling), improving posture and strengthening muscles in the neck and upper back. These will all help in making your daily life much more comfortable and bearable – without the pain of headaches!

To schedule your appointment, call our Fort Wayne physical therapy office today at 260-739-0300 to speak to one of our physical therapists.