Low Back Pain

Can you guess which ailment is described below:
– On average, 50% of all patients in physical therapy are being treated for this
– Affects at least 80% of us some time in our lives
– Fifth most common reason for all physician visits in the U.S
– Usually recurrent and tends to increase in severity
– Can occur at any age but is most prevalent during the third to sixth decades of life

Any guesses? The condition being described above is none other than (drum roll please)….low back pain, also known as sciatica. Yes! Low back pain is that common, and you may be suffering from it if you experience the following symptoms:

– Pain in lower back
– Tingling
– Difficulty standing
– Swelling
– Difficulty sitting
– Pain behind the knee

– Pain in buttocks
– Numbness
– Shooting pains
– Insomnia
– Compensation / Posture changes

– Burning sensation
– Weakness
– Hip pain
– Falling

The two things the average person may be tempted to do when experiencing an episode of back pain include reaching for over-the-counter medications or better yet, Google.
But what if Google’s “top 3 stretches for low back pain” don’t work for you, and the same exercises that worked for your neighbor are only making you worse?

There are a variety of reasons you are experiencing sciatica, so it makes sense that a generic treatment approach wouldn’t necessarily work for you. The sciatic nerve is made up of multiple nerve roots, so it is incorrect to assume you have direct pressure on the actual nerve.

It is more likely that only one root of the nerve is being affected. The sciatic nerve also has multiple branches that can send impulses to many different areas in the back and lower limbs.

Therefore, when you come into ProTailored for your low back back, we first fond out what’s causing your low back pain and then create a tailored treatment plan based around the root cause.

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