Common Questions Regarding Work Injuries

work injury or injuries Dec22nd 2020

How can physical therapy help my work injury?

Our physical therapists are specialized in analyzing injuries. Whether it be an overuse injury or an acute injury, our physical/occupational therapists will take a detailed look to help identify the source of your symptoms. They will then develop an individualized plan to help increase your range of motion, strength, mobility, while decreasing pain. They can help with recommendations of ways to adapt your work environment to decrease pain while at work.

How can I help my overuse injury?

Overuse injuries happen with repetitive movements (commonly at work). Our physical/occupational therapists will help to reduce your symptoms during the healing process. Our physical/occupational therapists are also specialized in ergonomics and can help prevent future overuse injuries by helping improve your form to decrease stress on your body while at work.

Why should I go to physical therapy for my work injury?

A physical therapist will do a thorough physical exam of your balance and gait to find weakness or restrictions in movement or systems that may be related to your difficulty. They will then come up with an individualized plan to address your specific restrictions or limitations.

What will a session of physical therapy following a work injury look like?

Our physical therapists will work with you based on your specific needs. They will help to address pain, limitations in motion, or any strength deficits you may have. At our clinic, you will receive one on one care from only a physical therapist, no assistants or aides. Your treatment may consist of manual therapy, cupping, scraping/IASTM, dry needling, therapeutic exercises, etc.

Will workman’s comp cover my physical therapy?

Our clinic is in network with multiple workman’s comp companies! If your injury is being covered by workman’s comp, we will work directly with them for your coverage. If you have any specific questions, you can reach out to our clinic at any time!

Can I work on improving my work injury at home?

When you schedule a visit with us, our therapists work with you to develop a personalized home exercise program consisting of therapeutic exercises to target your specific needs!

Do you have a work injury?

If you have any questions regarding work injuries and/or would like to start treatment – give ProTailored Physical Therapy a call today at (260) 739-0300!