Common Questions Regarding Sports Rehabilitation

sports rehabilitation Dec22nd 2020

How can sports rehabilitation help my athlete ?

We all have areas where we can improve our move. Here at ProTailored Physical therapy we will work with any athlete at any level to help them identify and work to improve areas specific to them and meet them at their level. We can also help identify where they may be at most risk for injuries and help them create a program to avoid those injuries.

Why is injury prevention important?

Injuries can slow progress and impede athletes from participating in what they love most. Some athletes have had to stop training, or quit their sport due to injuries that are so severe they can not perform at the same level. Some injuries can require surgery that keeps them away for 6 months or longer. Preventing this time away and costly surgery is important to keep an athlete on track and in their training program.

Are all training programs and rehabilitation the same?

No, every person is just as unique and different as the activities they participate in! Their rehabilitation program will be just as unique as they are. The physical therapists at ProTailored take the time to work with and evaluate each person as an individual to create a program and training plan that is specific to each individual in each situation.

How do I know someone at ProTailored can help?

Many of the therapists at ProTailored participated in and loved the sports and activities you do. To name a few:

Dr. Kirsten Allman– Retired Ballerina, ballroom dance, dance instructor

Dr. Mitchell Hall – college baseball, high school basketball

Dr. Zach Schmucker– high school football, and lacrosse

Dr. Matt Paul – high school tennis

Dr. Emily Ladd– High school basketball, volleyball, softball and track, college basketball

Dr. Katlin Couchman- High school Swim

While many of our therapists participated in and loved the sports and activities you do, ALL of us would love to help you fine tune your movement and get you back to what you love to do no matter what that is!

What will sports rehabilitation look like?

This will depend on what specifically would be best for you. Our Therapists can help with:

  • Muscle imbalance
  • Balance training
  • Jumping
  • Turning
  • Cutting
  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Speed
  • pre-class/sport warm-up
  • Preplanned and unplanned safe movements
  • Progression of training and when/how to challenge different issues to include the above listed items
  • And much more!

When should I seek therapy?

If you ever felt like you were at risk for or had a previous injury or had a coach/teacher tell you you need work in a specific area listed in the question above. Another time to consider is if you feel like you’re struggling to reach the next level of your sport/activity and feel like you can not figure out what is holding you back physically. You can always call in and speak to a therapist at ProTailored and find out if therapy is appropriate for you!

Do you have a sport or activity that we can help with ?

If you have any questions regarding sports rehabilitation and/or would like to start treatment – give ProTailored Physical Therapy a call today at (260) 739-0300!