ProTailored PT

The ProTailored Difference

We pride ourselves on tailoring an individualized plan of care to your specific needs (it’s even in our name… Pro(fessionally)Tailored!) while getting to know you on a personal level.  ProTailored was formed out of a desire to treat you the way we believe you should be treated within a model that allows you to get the most intentional, focused, expert care possible (click on “Our Story” to read more about this).

In order to do this, we have intentionally structured our clinic and treatment sessions in a way that allow for this more individualized type of care; care that is designed to fully focus on you, our patient. These defining features that distinguish us from the traditional physical therapy setting and treatment are what we refer to as The ProTailored Difference. The ProTailored Difference is a combination of our four unique qualities that make ProTailored, ProTailored. The ProTailored Difference creates the perfect environment for you to optimize your recovery while being listened to, valued, and known.

The ProTailored Difference

What The ProTailored Difference means for you-our patient:

Private rooms provide the ideal setting for open communication while giving you the privacy you deserve when receiving treatment and working through personal and, at times, painful issues. While we do have a gym that we utilize, each therapist has their own, private treatment room they use to deliver the majority of treatment.

We are a manual based, hands on physical therapy clinic. This means that your physical therapist will be stretching, manipulating, massaging, and using their hands and advanced training to get you better.  We believe knowledge is power and is an important part of the healing process, so we put an emphasis on equipping you with the knowledge to better understand your condition, how your brain processes pain, and how to prevent future issues. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge to assist you in recovering now and helping prevent re-injury later.  Exercise is also an important component in the recovery process and is incorporated into all treatment plans.  We want to use your time with us to deliver expert care you couldn’t otherwise receive on your own at home. This means we will focus our time on delivering advanced hands on treatment and equipping you with knowledge while progressing you through a home exercise program.

Your full appointment time from start to finish is devoted completely to you and getting you better! We run a true one-on-one physical therapy model and only schedule one patient per appointment; we never double book! No jumping around from patient to patient or sending you off to complete exercises while your therapist goes off to treat someone else. Your physical therapist is with you and only you throughout your entire appointment-giving you the focused attention you deserve.

We are a “Physical Therapist Only” clinic which means you will be treated by a licensed doctor of physical therapy for your full appointment, every appointment; we do not divide your treatment among different physical therapists, assistants, and techs/aides. We match you with one of our highly trained physical therapists based on your specific need(s) and condition(s), and you will be with that same physical therapist throughout your entire plan of care. This approach allows your physical therapist to know you, your story, what works best for your specific needs, and ultimately creates the right conditions to properly progress your treatment without needing to relay information from one provider to the next.

While it would seem that hands on care delivered only by doctors of physical therapy during a reserved appointment time devoted to you would be more expensive than treatment provided through the traditional physical therapy model where care is divided among therapists, assistants and aides, appointments are shared with other patients, and much of the treatment is supervised exercise, but it actually is not! In fact, in most cases, you are paying the same price, if not more, for traditional physical therapy.

One of the comments we routinely hear from our patients is, “I’ve had physical therapy before but not like this!” More than half of our patients are returning patients or have been referred directly from friends and family members who have received treatment from us and experienced The ProTailored Difference firsthand. We believe this means The ProTailored Difference is making a difference, and we are earning patients’ trust and respect through proven results.

What Fort Wayne, IN Thinks About ProTailored Physical Therapy

My experience has been A+ ! The ProTailored environment and staff are welcoming, professional and kind. I especially like the level of privacy they afford patients by having private rooms for customized exercises and discussions. They stay with you the whole time you are exercising, and you really can feel they are focused on just you!

- Jeanne C.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

I love that you are treated individually in a private room!

- Kay Z.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate

I would highly recommend ProTailored PT. It was a unique experience compared to any other PT location. The individualized one on one attention sets them above the rest.

- Lisa G.
ProTailored Physical Therapy Graduate