Our Story

ProTailored Physical Therapy was founded in 2015 by husband and wife team, Dr. Jon and Vanessa Evans. Dr. Evans earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, went on to complete a two-year orthopedic physical therapy residency, and gained an additional certification in vestibular rehabilitation from Emory University.

The Evans knew they wanted to travel before moving back home to Indiana, where they were born and raised, to start a family. After managing a physical therapy clinic in Atlanta for a large national chain, they decided to move overseas for two years to work and travel. While there, Dr. Evans was afforded the opportunity to treat professional athletes as well as work alongside physical therapists from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Great Britain. During lunch breaks, he would teach them techniques from America, and in turn they would teach him techniques learned in their countries. This equipped him with treatment approaches from international medicine which he found valuable in treating patients who didn’t respond well to traditional physical therapy. After seeing firsthand the benefit of having multiple specialties and treatment styles in one setting, Dr. Evans and Vanessa knew they wanted to open a physical therapy clinic which offered varied styles and specialties so as a collective they would be able to offer multiple treatment approaches. Thus, ProTailored was formed.

There are various models for how physical therapy clinics run. Traditional clinics have a therapist overseeing several patients at a time while using the skills of an assistant or aid to help deliver care. The model which most aligns with the Evans philosophy, and which ProTailored uses, is a hands-on, manual based approach where the therapist is one-on-one with the patient, delivering the full plan of care from beginning to end.

ProTailored is a family run, local outpatient physical therapy clinic located in Fort Wayne, IN providing advanced treatment that is based on the most recent evidence and clinical experience. We are committed to you and pride ourselves on not only results, but relationships formed. Your continued progress and well-being is our focus; we provide a service that is oriented around your needs and spend one-on-one time listening to questions and concerns. As a hands-on physical therapy clinic that focuses on providing personally tailored care, we do not adhere to a general treatment approach for every condition; we modify the care to your individual needs.

In order to make the time spent in our clinic meaningful and effective, each patient undergoes an extensive evaluation which helps guide the specific treatment approach and exercise program that will be used. Patients will receive individualized, one-on-one treatment from physical therapists who have extensive experience and education. Each treatment session will look different depending on what care is needed. For further details of what treatment techniques may be used, please look under the Service tab on this website.

Anyone and everyone! Our therapists have worked with a wide range of patients of varying ages, backgrounds, and reasons for treatment. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, surgery, and/or need help overcoming a persistent condition, we can help. We specialize in orthopedic, pelvic, and vestibular rehabilitation which includes, but is not limited to, problems with headaches/migraines, back, knee, hip and foot pain to urinary incontinence/frequency/urgency, obstetrics, constipation, and pelvic/groin pain to dizziness/vertigo. Patients no longer need a doctor’s referral to receive treatment, so you can make an appointment directly with us.

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