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Improve Your Move Schedule Appointment Schedule An Appointment Physical Therapy We specialize in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Pelvic Physical Therapy (Men and Women), and Vestibular Rehabilitation. Physical Therapy Dry Needling Dry needling helps alleviate local and referred trigger point pain. A trigger point is a hyper-irritable spot in the muscle that can be locally painful and/or refer to different regions of the body. Dry Needling Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Newest innovation from the leaders in laser therapy that speeds up healing time, reduces inflammation and targets damaged tissue. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Technology We use cutting-edge technology to get you moving again. Same Day Custom Orthotics, Game Ready ® Ice Compression System, Traction, Electrical Stimulation, and more. Technology Welcome to ProTailored Physical Therapy ProTailored Physical Therapy’s mission is to bring together skilled staff with varied backgrounds and specialties who resonate with the one-on-one treatment approach in order to provide professionally tailored, personal care for each patient’s specific needs. Through having a passion for what we do and compassion for those we serve, we create a nurturing, supportive environment where our patients not only heal but thrive. Testimonials The staff is so great and welcoming at ProTailored! The care is one on one, very professional, and attentive. I’ve had migraines for years now and this is the first thing that I feel has helped! My migraines have been greatly reduced if not completely prevented, and through a none medicated way. So grateful for their services! Would recommend 10/10. Sophie Z. ProTailored Physical Therapy was an incredibly helpful experience. Their staff was warm, inviting, and effective. They were able to effectively treat my tendonitis in an extremely short time period. I highly recommend ProTailored as they gave me the hope and confidence necessary to resume a normal life. Sam L. The care I receive at ProTailored Physical Therapy is unmatched to any other. The staff is caring, gentle, and compassionate. My ease of movement has increased 90% in the 4 weeks I have been going. I love how procedures are explained and how positive everyone is! I can honestly say that my quality of life and my outlook on the world has improved greatly as well, as my pain levels have decreased. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome! Brandie L. Read More Reviews